Make the Most of Your Language Skills in Philadelphia, PA

Help individuals in need of local translators

All those years learning another language could make a huge difference for you if you live in Philadelphia, PA. You probably never thought you could make a living as a translator and personal concierge, but through Companions Connect, you can.

What sets us apart? Unlike Uber or other ride sharing services, our local translators get to set their own rates for errands and services. Our bilingual drivers not only help people get around town, they also act as companions.

Download our app today to schedule an interview about becoming a companion.

What are your duties as a companion?

With Companions Connect, you have flexibility to choose the services you want to provide. If you have experience in a particular area, like pet-sitting or elderly care, our app will connect you with individuals seeking those services in the Philadelphia, PA area.

The application process for our local translators is simple. Here's what you can expect:

  • You'll sign up and create a companion profile
  • You'll select the services you want to offer
  • You'll submit your profile and await approval
  • You'll go through our preliminary training
  • You'll get hired and meet your companion!

The payment process is simple, too. Your funds will be automatically deposited to your Companion Connect account, from which you can easily withdraw funds.